152. Do Can Imperial Destroyer

Imperial Destroyer

Imperial Destroyer (excuse the photo, I was reviewing during a game of poker at a friends and didn’t want to be “that person” staging food photo lighting…even though I am always “that person.”)

It’s hard to keep track of all of the breweries popping up all over Massachusetts lately, and Do Can Brewery in Lowell is another one that went unheard of by us until my fiance saw their Star Wars themed bottle of Imperial Destroyer at CBC Westford and added it to our basket(s) of beer without even reading the label.

I went all Nancy Drew on Do Can after we got home. Everything is all very ambiguous on their site, all I could garner is the types beer they brew, they’re available at about 5 stores in the Lowell area, and were founded in Lowell to “provide great beer and an even better beer drinking experience” but aside from that they don’t do tours and I couldn’t find any other story about how they started or names of founders and brewers. A mystery beer.



Fast forward to a week later and we get invited to a poker game, and so we grabbed this beer to bring over. Midway through the game we poured it into small glasses and shared it with everyone without giving them a heads up…this is a very mean thing to do with a beer that has an IBU of 318 and a tagline of “Does it destroy the palate? Or is it something totally different?”

Once everyone started sputtering, myself included, I decided to read the label. Ahh yes, IBU 318. Whoops. Sorry guys, it’s a trap!

With it’s thick, lacy head, this beer poured a cloudy, deep orange, and pine and citrus aromas permeated the kitchen.

It starts out sweet for a split second, but I mean it has an IBU of 318 so I am pretty sure you can all guess what I am going to write about for the flavor, and the reviewers on Beer Advocate commenting on the earthy flavors, toasted bread, and toffee are really baffling me because in a room of 7-8 craft beer drinkers, none of us perceived any of these flavors. Perhaps our palates aren’t as refined for the caliber reviews seen over at BA, but I’m leanings towards having a better BS filter, so let’s call a spade and spade and say that this INSANELY BITTER IPA was just that: bitter.

I would say it’s brewed to shock you, not for flavor, and it does just that.


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