154. Nightshift Marblehead…in a can.

Nightshift Marblehead

Nightshift Marblehead

The other night I was laying in bed with my fiance and he said I should help him out with restoring his Monte Tahoe* because I have no “projects” going on in my life. I decided he was right, I didn’t have any projects, and I went to bed. Then about a half hour later I woke up yelling how, hey! I do have projects! You know, like starting my garden, planning a wedding, oh yeah and writing a book.

*Monte Tahoe: A monstrosity consisting of a 70s Monte Carlo mounted on a Tahoe chassis. We always have the best car at the boat ramp… if we were on the set of Joe Dirt.

Starting the garden is key to this post. When I’m working outside, I like cans. Be it gardening, boating, sitting on a beach towel…serious manual labor. Well, Night Shift had a meeting after hearing about this, and I imagine it went something like this: “Hey, Ashleigh likes beer in cans during her outdoor leisure time, so we better start canning our beer.”



To get a grasp of the color, and all the other beer review facets, I had to pour some of it into a glass which meant missing out on the full can experience, wah.

Marblehead (4.5% ABV)  is an amber session ale with sea salt from the local Marblehead, Salt Co., and vanilla bean. The beer is dark amber and clear, with a creamy head that quickly dissipated, leaving some lacing.

It has a musty/fruity smell with hints of caramel and vanilla, but the malts are the most noticeable with their toasty aroma. The salt and hops are faintly noticeable.

The beer is a blend of sweet and salty, you can taste caramelized malts and the hints of vanilla bean, and the aftertaste is faintly reminiscent of sea air because that’s when I noticed the salt. None of the ingredients are overpowering, they’re all very subtle.

Definitely made our summer boat beer list (requirements: good taste, must be in a can)


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