156. Night Shift JoJo


I swear it’s pink, my house is just a big, dark, monolithic entity.

Another Night Shift post? Yep. Because their distro range is so limited, I tend to stock up when I am at a store that sells their beer. It’s hard not to, I’ve never had a bad beer from them, and their clean fonts combined with the simple and rustic hop owl printed on textured papers win me over. In my opinion they have the most aesthetically pleasing and easily identifiable packaging in craft beer.

JoJo is an American Style pink IPA, infused with hibiscus flowers, brewed with American yeast, and is hopped and dry hopped. I like this because it’s a new IPA focussed on being a sensory experience with attention to flavor, instead of EXTREME HOPPAGE. The promise of pink beer was intriguing enough to draw some of my friends over for a craft beer and homemade wings night, and when we poured this beer into tulip glasses we saw that it was indeed pink:


Seriously…my house is where proper lighting goes to die.

It poured a deeper hazy pink, and was peach in the light. The head was a light blush too! Barbies dream house apropos. A nice change up from my normal khaki/off white/ecrus/how many synonyms for beige are there…

Between the color and the grapefruit scents from the hops in the aroma, it reminded me of Ruby Red juice. I could really smell the yeast with this beer, and while I didn’t distinctly notice any hibiscus, there was some faint floral aromas.

It’s a light feeling beer, which makes sense. A heavy, pink, fluffy beer would just be weird. The sip starts out sweet, I’m guessing this is the hibiscus, and the hops kick in for a bitter mid sip. It finishes sweeter though, almost like an herbal tea/beer hybrid.

I wasn’t sure what to expect initially, but Night Shift has a knack for mixing together flavors in a way where it’s never overpowering each subtle nuance comes across in either taste or aroma, and this beer did exactly that. 


One thought on “156. Night Shift JoJo

  1. Hey Ashleigh… I’m heading up North in a few weeks and want to be able to stock up on things I can’t get in CT. Is there a good store that you’d recommend that’s close to the Mass Pike or somewhere along 495?


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