Revival Night Swim’ah and ConserFest

It was the Fourth of July Weekend and I was hiking in NH up at Arethusa Falls and Frankenstein Cliffs when someone in the parking lot shouted, “Hey, you’re the beer writer!” I had been recognized by Frank, a writer for Yankee Brew News, not only for my writing prowess, but for my Revival “Night Swim’ah” tank top. Everyone knows Revival. Even if you haven’t had a Revival Beer, you’ve probably had something by Sean Larkin, the mastermind behind Revival Brewing (and the foreword to our book, and a ton of other Rhode Island beers such as Trinity, Narragansett, and Brutopia).

Here's a dorky mid-step picture of me atop the cliff in my tank top

Here’s a cute mid-step picture of me atop the cliff in my tank top

Today we’re going to talk about Night Swim’ah, which is brewed at either Brutopia in Cranston, or Cottrell in Pawcatuck. Revival partnered with ConserFest to help raise funds and awareness about land conservation, and came out with their new beer, Night Swim’ah. A portion of the proceeds from this beer will benefit conservation efforts.

Night Swim'Ah

Night Swim’Ah

Night Swim’ah is a light, drinkable (4.7% ABV) Belgian style witbier, with notes of coriander, orange peel, and just a hint of raspberries. One might say it’s the perfect beer to enjoy on summer day on Block Island, which is one of the places ConserFest is trying to protect.

Revival’s Brewmaster, Sean Larkin, first fell in love with Block Island while working at Captain Nick’s, The Atlantic Inn, and Smugglers Cove while he was in culinary school.  Whether it’s surfing at one of the island’s surf spots or mountain biking through Rodman’s Hollow, Larkin is passionate about the hidden spaces that Block Island has to offer. Night Swim’ah is Larkin’s way of supporting local environmental conservation efforts.

Night Swim’Ah has been the summer beer of choice at our house, it’s a cloudy, orange color with about a one-inch head that diminishes to about a finger. Notes of citrus, coriander, and the carbonated mouthfeel delivers a similar flavor. You can taste the wheat, and the orange kicks up for a citrus-y finish. It’s crisp and refreshing.

They’re having a social media contest that ends on July 25th where you can win a night on Block Island and hang with the Revival crew at Conserfest. You have to be 21, and the bottle has to be visible in the picture. Bonus points for revival gear. Here’s the details:


Oh, let’s take a closer look. Is that Kristie, the other half of of Two Girls, One Beer on the promotional postcard? I think so. Does this mean we win?



For those of you interested in some music, sun, libations, and conservation, here is the ConserFest 2015 lineup:



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