Back with a baby and a new favorite hometown brewery: Indie Ferm

So, a lot has happened and I haven’t been updating for a while. That would be because my husband and I had this little guy on July 2nd:


So I couldn’t really have much to drink. But it was worth it.


We also bought a house and moved to Plymouth. I know Plymouth is home to some great craft beer bars- like the BBC (three of them), Flynn’s, New World Tavern, Speedwell, and Driftwood. It’s also home to some breweries, wineries, and distilleries- Mayflower, Dirty Water Distillery, Plymouth Bay Winery, 1620 Winery, and the subject of this post- Independent Fermentations Brewing (Indie Ferm).

When I was pregnant they made a cranberry, pine, honey soda that I had at an event in the state forest, and it left such an impression on me that I knew I’d have to stop by the brewery.

The brewery is nestled away in an industrial area off of Exit 5, right next to a bread bakery so there are often slices of fresh baked bread with locally made jellies containing Indie Ferm beer. The beers themselves are available in flights, tastings, pints, howlers, growlers, and some are in bottles. They offer a variety of styles, a nice change of pace from the sea of hop-forward beers that dominated when I last brewery hopped (like I said, it’s been a few months). Their beers have notes of herbs, flowers, and locally sourced ingredients like honey.

Every time I have gone there the tap list has new additions. Some ones that stood out to me, and some that came home in growler or bottle form are:

Beer Terrain:

Honey Tripel: A tripel made with local honey instead of sugar, it’s made with local malts and hops as well. It’s got a really good honey like smell and a slight taste of it.

Rye and Sage Saison: This one was brewed using rye, sage, and a medley of other herbs. It was originally made for a wedding of someone named Rye and someone named Sage, but I’m glad there was some extra that found its way into our fridge from the brewery.

Beer Terrain Saison: This is a collab with Homefield Brewing in Western MA. It’s got barley and rye malts, hops, lemon balm, and rosemary. The lemon balm is really noticeable, it tastes almost like some kind of gruit. Loved this and look forward to trying more from Homefield.

Gratzer: I like rauchbiers but sometimes they are a little overbearing. The gratzer uses smoked malts, but it’s got more of a bacon taste than a smokey taste. It finishes tart, like a gose as their website says. It’s a bacon-y beer, but it’s still a beer, which is where some smokey styles fall short.

Espo the Ould Bruin: A sour brown ale, souring in oak. I normally don’t like browns at all, but I love sours and I ended up bringing home a growler of this. It was deliciously wild and sour tasting.




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