A BBC for everything 

I found myself out on one of the myriad of heatwaves we had this summer looking for a place to feed the baby and simultaneously feed myself. The Cedarville BBC was right nearby and I love it because it’s:

A) Got good pub food and good pub beer, but…

B) It’s also not pub-ish enough so that I feel like a BAD MOM ™ for bringing my newborn in with me mid-afternoon.

They boast a lengthy beer menu with staples for people ranging from not so crafty, to the seriously crafty. If someone in your part is a non-beer drinker there are several cocktails as well. As a beer fan (obviously) I checked online to see what they had available on draught and saw a ton of beers that I like. Goose Island Sofie, Clownshoes Third Party, Wormtown Be Hoppy…ah yes, Schofferhofer Grapefruit. It was 100 degrees out. A shandy? Perfect.

I got myself the steak tip salad which isn’t only covered in juicy, tender, bourbon marinated steak but also onion rings, blue cheese crumbles, and candied nuts. Honestly, the steak is delicious but the best part is the steak juice that saturates the lettuce and all of the healthy stuff hiding out on the bottom.

And because I’m a good wife, I got my husband a takeout shepherds pie to go. I ended up eating a good portion of it because it smelled so good. It started out as one bite but it quickly turned into something more. However, he really couldn’t complain because it’s not proper to look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

My second BBC encounter was after Hopfest. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Hopfest or the Plymouth BBC, but here was the crowd at Hopfest:

And here is the interior of the Plymouth BBC:

The Plymouth BBC is the flagship and it differs from all of the other locations because it doesn’t have a kitchen. The tucked-away, up-alley location, pictures of fox hounds decorating the walls, dark wood, and a cozy fireplace atmosphere make it feel like you’re back in England.

Since it was the Hopfest after party, I walked over and found some special beers were on tap like Stony Creek Crimsang, Free Will Ralphius, and Revival Ripta. The first floor was packed, and the second floor, was full of people sitting by the fireplace (no fire), playing darts, and just relaxing and having fun- which is the very essence of a pub. Since I’m new to town I think my favorite part of the BBC that night was walking away with some new friends in the area. It sounds hokey but their site says this about pubs, “In Great Britain, Ireland and across Europe, the pub or “local” is the center of town life: a place to relax, refuel the body and the spirit, share news and be entertained.” and that’s exactly what I found.



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