Wenches, Beer, and Wine



Alas, it is the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Sixteen. Carvershire is under the rule of the benevolent King Richard, and I prithee well.

Okay, so it’s not a beer fest, but King Richard’s Faire, which is a whole new beast. For two magical months the pine barrens of Carver transform into a medieval shire – replete with jousting, monarchy, minstrels, and mead. Stepping into the forest you’re immediately transported into the past. It conjures to mind different literary worlds. The Canterbury Tales, Hogsmeade, Westeros…men and women walk around in boiled leather armor eating turkey legs with tankards of ale and drinking horns of mead while the more refined go in corsets and ermine, sipping on strawberry garnished champagne from crystalline chalices.

This year was the first year I made my costume. I’ve always dressed up, but never from scratch. Of course the day isn’t complete without my drinking horn. Busting out my drinking horn for KRF is something I look forward to each fall. The one seen in the pictures here was purchased from Ivy Rose Archery, one of the Faires many artisans. They tend to change up the vendors annually, but several core merchants stay. The horn also is a great conversation piece when it’s GoT season. It doesn’t stop there though. You can get chain maile, herbs and potions, pet dragons, forged metal axes, anything really.

A cheers of mead and turkey legs before the joust.



It’s not just shopping. There’s jousting and plenty to look at as well in terms of highly trained performers AND just plain old people watching. There’s hardly anything plain about it. Just the other weekend I saw a six foot my little pony, and executioner, two mermaids, a tree man, and of course the usual plethora of medieval peasants and princesses. I listed some acts you should check out while you are there at the end of the post along with a discount code specially for our readers.

Since this is a beer blog, I’m obviously interested in stuffing my face at events such as these. I went for a turkey leg (These are not ostrich like the urban legend says. They are smoked- hence the different, and better, taste), a pickle from a big wooden barrel, and shepherds pye. There’s peasant bread (fried dough), bacon mac n’ cheese, pizza, and a plethora of gluten free and veggie options, however this is where I abandon all restraint and eat without care.

There are several places to quench thy thirst and imbibe in libtations of the adult variation. The Vinvery, Dragon’s Nest Tavern, Twin Taverns, Witches’ Brew, Cantebury Corner, Cart o’ Champagne Corner, Privy Pub, and the Tiger’s Tavern.

For beers and ciders they have:

  • • Killian’s Red Beere
  • • Coors Light Beere
  • • Coors (non-alcoholic)
  • • Woodchuck Hard Cider
  • • Sorcerer’s Seasonal Brew (hint: it’s pumpkin)
  • • Blue Moon Belgian Ale
  • • Gluten Free Beere(G)

For non-beer drinkers, new this year was Wicked Wyne offering whyte, red, and blush. I personally always go for some mead, however the more dainty may like the champagne wi’a strawberry.

  • • Wicked Whyte, Red, & Blush Wyne
  • • Chaucer’s Honey Mead
  • • Chaucer’s Raspberry Mead
  • • Sparklin’ Champagne wi’a Strawberry (G)

Did we not promise beer, wine, and wenches?


If you enter the code 2GBB you can get a discount on tickets. There are two weekends of the Faire left and here are some of the scheduled events and live performers I suggested you see.

Themed weekends

Children’s Fairies and Pirates Parade: Saturday, October 15th at 4pm

Adult Costume Contest: Saturday, October 22nd at 4pm

Final Drum Jam: Sunday, October 23rd

The Best Shows in the Realm (and they’re FREE!)

Luminous Fire and Flow- a poi (fire), acrobatic, and hoop act.

The Washing Well Wenches- PG-13, bawdy, and so worth it.

Aerial silks and moves from Draiku

Whips, bravado, and braggadocio from Jacques Ze Whipper

Jousting three times a day, with a final joust to the death at the end.

And my all-time favorite: Great Cats of the World. Snow leopards, tigers, jaguars…wild cats doing wild cat things mere feet away.


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