Why did I buy so much pumpkin beer? A solution.

Did you get all #pumpkinspicebasic this fall like I did and WAY overbuy on the pumpkin beers? “They said there would be a shortage!” Trust me, I’ve done it as well. I live in a Pumpkinhead hoodie because the logo is sweet, and I’ve bartered with reps at fests with beer from the brewery I was working for to land a Pumpkinhead tee.
Well, if your fridge/garage/basement has a few pumpkin beers kicking around and you’ve kind of moved onto winter warmers: I have a solution for you! If you’ve run the gamut of pumpkin rimmers, pumpkin with vanilla vodka, and so on, try these recipes crafted up by Shipyard using Pumpkinhead, a UK meets USA amber ale that is perfect for the fall with it’s sessionable ABV and lightly spiced flavor.

These recipes would be great to tie in on Christmas morning, future Thanksgivings, you name it. I really don’t see pumpkin going anywhere anytime soon and who knows, maybe you’re friends will think you’re the next best thing to a #psl with these recipes.

Below are three recipe cards: Pumpkinhead Pancakes, Pumpkinhead Pumpkin Pie, and Pumpkinhead Whoopie Pie. Click on them to enlarge and/or print them out. If you make any of these let us know how you liked it by tagging us @twogirlsonebeer and @shipyardbrewing in a photo of your creation on Instagram!


For more inspiration check out additional recipes here: https://shipyard.com/content/pumpkinhead



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