Review: Revival Double Black IPA

It’s not secret that we are longtime fans of Sean Larkin and the beers he produces. We had him write the intro to our book, because in our opinion, he’s one of the driving forces behind the RI craft beer scene. And he’s just awesome. He’s the type guy who brings kegs to a first birthday party. For real. From Trinity to Narragansett he’s won 14 awards at the Great International Beer Festival and a bronze at the GABF. This week I got to try the Double Black IPA, one of Revival’s offerings.

Revival is located in Brutopia in Cranston. Not only does Sean make his Revival beer there, but he brews some exclusive in-house beers for Brutopia as well. Revival usually collaborates with local businesses, and their brewery location is proof of that.

The Double Black IPA is actually their first beer that they launched. What makes a black IPA (also sometimes called a Cascadian IPA) different from an American IPA is that is uses darker roasted malts – like what you’d find in a porter. This lends the beer a more robust and roasted malt profile than what you’d find in most IPAs, but it still has that definitive hoppy taste as well.

Their Double Black IPA is made with Chinook, Sorachi Ace, Nugget, and Cascade hops. When you pour it, it’s so velvety and dark you’d think it was Lefthand Nitro Milk Stout, but the mouthfeel is way thinner.  You’re sense get thrown for a loop when you smell it because the nose is definitely IPA: pine and citrus, but after a moment you notice a chocolate and coffee malt aroma. Taste-wise this beer has a light citrus hop taste with  roasty caramel malts and notes of bakers chocolate, and a dry, bitter finish. A nice twist on an IPA during the winter months!


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