Gift Series Part I: The Botanicals Edition

This is Part I of our 4 Part Gift Installment

This year I’ve broken down our gift picks into categories because you really can’t lump every beer fan under the same umbrella. First up is the “Botanicals Edition” which is for the person who likes floral flavors, herbal cocktails, and gin cocktails.

B-Hoppy Hop Candy: img_1471

Do you have a hop-obsessed friend who unfortunately can’t have a nice IPA all of the time because of this pesky little thing called responsibilities? Check out B-Hoppy Hop Candies. These candies taste just like hops, without the interference of malts or yeast. It’s actually a pretty neat way to taste the subtle nuances of each individual strain. These come in Cascade, Nugget, East Kent Golding, Saaz, Apollo, Zeus, Motueka, Summit, and IPA Blend. Purchase B-Hoppy Hop Candy

DIY Gin Kit:

This kit is the closest you can come to real life alchemy. Convert a bottle of vodka into gin with a blend of carefully curated juniper and botanicals. Gin is any neutral, agricultural-based alcohol steeped with juniper, what you get from the kit is indeed a compound gin. No alcohol starts as gin and with this you’ll be at a good starting point to start dabbling in making your own victuals.  The kit comes with refill options so you can re-use the brewing supplies and try other variants like smokey and spiced. Purchase The Homemade Gin Kit

The Drunken Botanist:

Need some recipes for your homemade gin? This book is all about the plants behind the beverages, replete with more than 50 drink recipes and growing tips. Plants used range from the strange (Dittany of Crete) to the familiar (pink peppercorn). Amy Stewarts tomes are high quality, looking like something out of Hogwarts when placed on any bookshelf, with their embossed hardcovers, typography, and visuals. Described as “a fascinating concoction of biology, chemistry, history, etymology, and mixology” this book isn’t one to miss with its recipes for bitters, Dr. Struwe’s Suze and Soda, and Lavender-Elderflower Champagne Cocktails to name a new. Purchase The Drunken Botanist

Hop-heads Beer Club:img_1279

We’ve written about the four offerings from Beer Month Club before and they just launched their fifth and newest: Hop-heads Beer Club, consisting of, you guessed it, carefully curated IPAs, red ales, anything hoppy! The offerings in the box they kindly sent to me were from Kannah Creek in Grand Junction, CO, and local Ipswich Ale Brewery in Ipswich, MA. This monthly box features four bottles each of three different beers from two breweries plus a newsletter with information about the featured breweries, glassware suggestions, and food pairing tips. Perfect for the person in your life who likes hoppy beers, and a great way to try things that may not be distributed near you. Trust me, everyone loves beermail and with gift subscriptions at $32/month this club is worth it. Purchase the Hop-heads Beer Club.




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