96. Barley Pub – Dover, New Hampshire

I didn’t know anything about Dover upon moving here. Smart, right? I figured everything that I needed out of the local beer scene I could just get from Portsmouth. The old Barley Pub on Central Ave. was closing it’s doors as I was unpacking my house, and it seems like all the reviews of the “new” Barley Pub are comparing it to the old. Well, I have no “remember that time at the Barley Pub in our favorite booth when blah blah blah happened”-moments. All I have is the new bar, and what has become the ideal spot for a young person on her own in New Hampshire, trying to get into the beer scene. I know, it’s like a sitcom.

High-ceilings, dark colors, a long bar, and even a raised stage area for bands, it’s apparent why I see a line out the door of this place every Friday/Saturday night. I’ve yet to mingle with the weekend bar crew, but I can tell you that around 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon, I have the Barley Pub almost to myself and am free to sample from their 30+ tap list at my leisure. Whether I want to sit at the bar, one of their nice window-side tables, or a couch in the back, the place has become an addition to my living room.

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69. Harvest Gallery Wine Bar – Dennis, MA

Ashleigh told me about the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar the other day and I could not even believe it. A place to get craft beer and cheese plates on the Cape? Are you sure you don’t mean clam strips and Bud Light? I visited the website expecting to not even find it or have it “Closed For The Season”, but lo, it exists.

Though it’s located right in the center of Dennis Village, walking into Harvest Gallery transports you to an off-Cape utopia. Local art adorns the walls and it’s cozy with the ambiance of an upscale wine bar mixed with a Northampton coffeehaus.

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62. The New World Tavern – Plymouth, MA

This is a super secret post. I run another website dedicated to vegetarian cooking and featuring restaurants in the area that have a decent vegetarian/vegan menu selection. It can’t be revealed that I went to The New World Tavern not once, but twice in the same week, for their buffalo wings. God, they are succulent little pieces of heaven. For the rest of this post, we can only speak in whispers and sneaky side-glances so I can still preach about vegetables without fear of being shamed.

Buffalo Wings $10/dozen

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4. Trinity Brewhouse – Providence, RI

Trinity Brewhouse in Rhode Island

I have been meaning to blog about the Great Pumpkin Ale festival this weekend, however I can’t seem to find my piece of paper with my comments on the beers. Maybe it’s in my office? Hopefully more on that tomorrow…until then, Trinity Brewhouse, in Providence, Rhode Island.

I try to stop into Trinity whenever I am in Providence, be it to pick up my ‘Gansett schwag, or visit friends. Trinity brews everything right on the premise, and the menu of beers on draft is constantly changing. They also serve food, ranging from traditionall pub food, to twists on the traditional. I had their double-loaded raviolis, which are, “Pazzo pasta potato, cheddar and chive filled ravioli, deep fried and baked with Monterey jack and Colby cheddar, topped with sour cream, crumbled bacon and scallions.” And they were awesome. It was like twice-baked potatoes with ravioli, and of course a pint of a solid beer. What more can someone ask for?

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