Back with a baby and a new favorite hometown brewery: Indie Ferm

So, a lot has happened and I haven’t been updating for a while. That would be because my husband and I had this little guy on July 2nd:


So I couldn’t really have much to drink. But it was worth it.


We also bought a house and moved to Plymouth. I know Plymouth is home to some great craft beer bars- like the BBC (three of them), Flynn’s, New World Tavern, Speedwell, and Driftwood. It’s also home to some breweries, wineries, and distilleries- Mayflower, Dirty Water Distillery, Plymouth Bay Winery, 1620 Winery, and the subject of this post- Independent Fermentations Brewing (Indie Ferm).

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130. Foolproof Brewing Company – Pawtucket, Rhode Island


“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” – Dr. Emmett Brown

On my way to Foolproof, I made the mistake of ignoring the website’s order of ignoring your GPS and instead, following their written directions. Of course my iPhone would show me the way. You know, internet and satellites and stuff. Cut to me pulled over on the side of the road, mascara running down my face due to tears of frustration, iPhone: long gone out the window.

Heed this, reader. Follow their directions. It’s a tricky route, but a great reward at the end.

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111. Mayflower Brewery Tour

Mayflower Brewery Tour

Mayflower Brewery Tour

Funny how when you’re unemployed you have all this free time, yet no free money. Sitting around the house cleaning and blogging all day was relaxing at first, but I hit a point where I needed to start getting out of the house and finding something to do with my day. It was getting a little too 1950s housewife dedicating my whole day to planning and prepping an elaborate dinner for my dear old boyfriend to eat when he came in the door from work, kicked off his shoes, and sat back in his easy chair in a cloud of vanilla pipe tobacco smoke while I fetched him the paper, “I polished all the furniture today!”, “That’s nice dear.” Okay, so it wasn’t quite like that. But sometimes it felt close.

So, lucky for me, living in Massachusetts puts me in a prime location for doing my favorite free activity- brewery tours! So last week I ended up at Mayflower Brewing, a craft microbrewery in Plymouth, MA. Mayflower brews traditional year-round beers, along with seasonal brews that change with whatever New England has to offer at that time of year- be it Spring Hop, Summer Rye, or a Thanksgiving Ale. I was fortunate enough to be given a tour by Sarah Richardson, who also started the Girls Pint Night Out on Cape Cod, which we will be making a post about soon.

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79. Earth Eagle Brewings – Portsmouth, NH

Photo courtesy of Earth Eagle Brewings

New Hampshire is very different from Cape Cod. I discovered this last Saturday. First off, I went to a farmers market that morning, expecting a parking lot with a couple of flatbed trucks plastered in COEXIST and “Life hasn’t been the same since that house fell on my sister” bumper stickers, holding a few boxes of picked-over cabbages and Cape Cod Needlepoint Society pamphlets. What I happened on instead was a half-mile stretch of parked cars leading up to the entrance of the market. They even had to call in the police and crossing guards. Inside, my naive farmers market senses were bombarded with row upon row of overflowing produce carts, goats milk cheese, cured & smoked meats, organic soaps, coffee, seafood, freshly baked bread. New Hampshire, you divine bitch.

As if a bountiful market wasn’t enough, a new brewery happens to be opening on the same day. And not just any brewery, but one with a tasting room and a leaning towards the experimental. As someone who is fascinated by small batch brewing and herb/ancient ales, this is right up my alley. Founded by Alex McDonald and Butch Heilshorn, Earth Eagle Brewings in Portsmouth features six rotating taps in a small but cozy tasting room, where you can also buy one and two-liter growlers of their beer.

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4. Trinity Brewhouse – Providence, RI

Trinity Brewhouse in Rhode Island

I have been meaning to blog about the Great Pumpkin Ale festival this weekend, however I can’t seem to find my piece of paper with my comments on the beers. Maybe it’s in my office? Hopefully more on that tomorrow…until then, Trinity Brewhouse, in Providence, Rhode Island.

I try to stop into Trinity whenever I am in Providence, be it to pick up my ‘Gansett schwag, or visit friends. Trinity brews everything right on the premise, and the menu of beers on draft is constantly changing. They also serve food, ranging from traditionall pub food, to twists on the traditional. I had their double-loaded raviolis, which are, “Pazzo pasta potato, cheddar and chive filled ravioli, deep fried and baked with Monterey jack and Colby cheddar, topped with sour cream, crumbled bacon and scallions.” And they were awesome. It was like twice-baked potatoes with ravioli, and of course a pint of a solid beer. What more can someone ask for?

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