Our 160-page debut book is the culmination of over a year of research and interviews with members of the Rhode Island brewing community, from its earliest days to the present. It stretches as far back as colonial time, spans through the mid-1800’s with a look at breweries such as Hanley’s and Narragansett, and carries us into the modern-day Rhode brewing renaissance, as well as a look towards the future.


“Rhode Island Beer: Ocean State History on Tap” includes a foreword by brewmaster and local brewing legend Sean Larkin, a glossy color photo insert, a guide to Rhode Island’s best beer bars, as well as recipes featuring local brews.

Click the PayPal link below to order a signed copy. Orders typically arrive within the week.

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Illustrator Sara M. Lyons created this amazing Two Girls, One Beer Rhode Island Breweries Map. Featuring all current Ocean State Breweries and map key. 18×12 inch glossy print.


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