Beer and Food Ideas

Much like how you wouldn’t put curry in your apple pie, there are some guidelines when pairing beer with food. A lot of people know the wine guidelines, but the beer ones aren’t as well known yet. In general with beer you want something that either a) complements or b) contrasts with the food being served. You also want to go from the most mild to the strongest and boldest when arranging a beer dinner pairing.

While we are at it, check out this great book (image is a link) on pairing food and beer:

And this one with some delicious recipes and combos for you to try. New Years Eve party idea:

With these basic guidelines you can get creative and try different combos. After the cut are some tried and true pairings in an infographic from Erik Krass, whose page could be found here: Stateline Nissan Auto.

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134. Craft Beer Infographics (I love infographics)

Both students and professors at the School of Hospitality at Kendall College paired up to learn about craft beer and came up with a pretty cool infographic. Some of the more interesting points found in this infographic are:

• Just over a third (36%) of consumers drink craft beer. That number may not seem that high but it is way up in the last decade.
• Almost half of consumers (45%) would be more willing to try craft beers if they were more educated about them.
• If a wheat beer like Bells Oberon is a beer of choice for you, try pairing it with Sushi.
• If you are more of darker beers like Stouts, try pairing it with a dessert food like Chocolate cake. Southern Tier Choclate would be a great choice here!
• Sales of craft beer equaled roughly 5.7 billion in 2007. In 2012 the sales of craft beer doubled to just over 12 billion. By the time 2017 rolls around, craft beer sales are expected to triple to over 36 billion. These numbers show excellent growth of the craft beer industry.
• Craft brewers in the United States alone account for more than 103,585 jobs. That’s a lot of people put to work by craft beer.