Back with a baby and a new favorite hometown brewery: Indie Ferm

So, a lot has happened and I haven’t been updating for a while. That would be because my husband and I had this little guy on July 2nd:


So I couldn’t really have much to drink. But it was worth it.


We also bought a house and moved to Plymouth. I know Plymouth is home to some great craft beer bars- like the BBC (three of them), Flynn’s, New World Tavern, Speedwell, and Driftwood. It’s also home to some breweries, wineries, and distilleries- Mayflower, Dirty Water Distillery, Plymouth Bay Winery, 1620 Winery, and the subject of this post- Independent Fermentations Brewing (Indie Ferm).

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New Brewery- Devil’s Purse Brewing Co. in South Dennis

Devil's Purse Brewing Co.

Devil’s Purse Brewing Co.

Homebrewers Mike Segerson and Matt Belson are opening up Devil’s Purse Brewing Co. in South Dennis this Memorial Day weekend. Inside the brewery bags of malts- Vienna, Crystal, Pilsen, Simpons are stacked high to produce their malt-forward European influenced beers.

Matt and Mike both started out as homebrewers, were successful at it, which lead to the formation of Devil’s Purse. Mike had worked at a winery, taken classes at B.U. for wine tasting, and worked at Truro Vineyards, where he began to get into beer. Matt, a former journalist for the Cape Codder, had gotten a homebrew kit for a wedding project that sat dormant for years, the two were introduced through their wives, and “no exaggeration, once we started homebrewing together it was all we did,” said Matt. They researched, brewed, and bottled, with the support of their friends and families.


Their next step? Opening a brewery. “Every day is a challenge, every day is rewarding, and we are exceptionally lucky to have people support us and cheer us on since day one,” said Matt. Their name, Devil’s Purse, comes from the skate egg pouches found on many a Cape beach. “I used to collect them on north beach, it’s one of my earlier memories,” says Mike, “I found out what they are called, and thought, that’s awesome.” They tossed around the idea of the name at a 2am brew session and it stuck. Their logo combines a devils purse with a surfmans check badge, which are given to highly skilled mates in the coastguard. These used to be given to the lifesavers at Monomony, and Race Point, to name a few.

Their beers and philosophies pay homage to the past and history of the cape. The beers themselves have nautical names as well- Handline Kolsch, Skatemouth Pale Ale, Surfmans Check ESB, and their Light Vessel IPA series named after notorious rips in the area- like Pollock and Cross.

They hope to see the Cape become a craft beer destination, and the town of Dennis was excited to welcome the 7-barrel brewhouse to town, and their new location sits in a spacious industrial bay on Great Western Road. It features a tasting room that does growler fills, and better yet, crowler fills. Not only is it fun to hold a 32oz. giant can of beer, it’s also much better for the beach and boat life.

I’m pretty excited to see another brewery grace the shores of Cape Cod where things seem to move at a painfully slower pace than the rest of the state. Let’s keep the ball rolling, who is going to be next?


Memorial Day Weekend Opening Hours at the brewery

Friday, May 22 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

 Sat. May 23 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

***CLOSED Sun. May 24 & Mon. May 25***

Their beer has also begun distribution at local bars and restaurants.

Address and Contact info

Devil’s Purse Brewing Company

120 Great Western Rd.

South Dennis, MA 02660

(508) 694-7171

 For more information visit:


152. Do Can Imperial Destroyer

Imperial Destroyer

Imperial Destroyer (excuse the photo, I was reviewing during a game of poker at a friends and didn’t want to be “that person” staging food photo lighting…even though I am always “that person.”)

It’s hard to keep track of all of the breweries popping up all over Massachusetts lately, and Do Can Brewery in Lowell is another one that went unheard of by us until my fiance saw their Star Wars themed bottle of Imperial Destroyer at CBC Westford and added it to our basket(s) of beer without even reading the label.

I went all Nancy Drew on Do Can after we got home. Everything is all very ambiguous on their site, all I could garner is the types beer they brew, they’re available at about 5 stores in the Lowell area, and were founded in Lowell to “provide great beer and an even better beer drinking experience” but aside from that they don’t do tours and I couldn’t find any other story about how they started or names of founders and brewers. A mystery beer.



Fast forward to a week later and we get invited to a poker game, and so we grabbed this beer to bring over. Midway through the game we poured it into small glasses and shared it with everyone without giving them a heads up…this is a very mean thing to do with a beer that has an IBU of 318 and a tagline of “Does it destroy the palate? Or is it something totally different?”

Once everyone started sputtering, myself included, I decided to read the label. Ahh yes, IBU 318. Whoops. Sorry guys, it’s a trap!

With it’s thick, lacy head, this beer poured a cloudy, deep orange, and pine and citrus aromas permeated the kitchen.

It starts out sweet for a split second, but I mean it has an IBU of 318 so I am pretty sure you can all guess what I am going to write about for the flavor, and the reviewers on Beer Advocate commenting on the earthy flavors, toasted bread, and toffee are really baffling me because in a room of 7-8 craft beer drinkers, none of us perceived any of these flavors. Perhaps our palates aren’t as refined for the caliber reviews seen over at BA, but I’m leanings towards having a better BS filter, so let’s call a spade and spade and say that this INSANELY BITTER IPA was just that: bitter.

I would say it’s brewed to shock you, not for flavor, and it does just that.

111. Mayflower Brewery Tour

Mayflower Brewery Tour

Mayflower Brewery Tour

Funny how when you’re unemployed you have all this free time, yet no free money. Sitting around the house cleaning and blogging all day was relaxing at first, but I hit a point where I needed to start getting out of the house and finding something to do with my day. It was getting a little too 1950s housewife dedicating my whole day to planning and prepping an elaborate dinner for my dear old boyfriend to eat when he came in the door from work, kicked off his shoes, and sat back in his easy chair in a cloud of vanilla pipe tobacco smoke while I fetched him the paper, “I polished all the furniture today!”, “That’s nice dear.” Okay, so it wasn’t quite like that. But sometimes it felt close.

So, lucky for me, living in Massachusetts puts me in a prime location for doing my favorite free activity- brewery tours! So last week I ended up at Mayflower Brewing, a craft microbrewery in Plymouth, MA. Mayflower brews traditional year-round beers, along with seasonal brews that change with whatever New England has to offer at that time of year- be it Spring Hop, Summer Rye, or a Thanksgiving Ale. I was fortunate enough to be given a tour by Sarah Richardson, who also started the Girls Pint Night Out on Cape Cod, which we will be making a post about soon.

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