96. Barley Pub – Dover, New Hampshire

I didn’t know anything about Dover upon moving here. Smart, right? I figured everything that I needed out of the local beer scene I could just get from Portsmouth. The old Barley Pub on Central Ave. was closing it’s doors as I was unpacking my house, and it seems like all the reviews of the “new” Barley Pub are comparing it to the old. Well, I have no “remember that time at the Barley Pub in our favorite booth when blah blah blah happened”-moments. All I have is the new bar, and what has become the ideal spot for a young person on her own in New Hampshire, trying to get into the beer scene. I know, it’s like a sitcom.

High-ceilings, dark colors, a long bar, and even a raised stage area for bands, it’s apparent why I see a line out the door of this place every Friday/Saturday night. I’ve yet to mingle with the weekend bar crew, but I can tell you that around 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon, I have the Barley Pub almost to myself and am free to sample from their 30+ tap list at my leisure. Whether I want to sit at the bar, one of their nice window-side tables, or a couch in the back, the place has become an addition to my living room.

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