Gift Series Part II: Experience It

This is Part II of our 4 Part Gift series

Have a craft beer lover in your life and don’t know what to get them or want to do something other than the random beer trinket? These gift ideas are ways for you to get out there and immerse yourself craft beer. Ways to meet other people, try new breweries, and make the experience memorable.

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A BBC for everything 

I found myself out on one of the myriad of heatwaves we had this summer looking for a place to feed the baby and simultaneously feed myself. The Cedarville BBC was right nearby and I love it because it’s:

A) Got good pub food and good pub beer, but…

B) It’s also not pub-ish enough so that I feel like a BAD MOM ™ for bringing my newborn in with me mid-afternoon.

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111. Mayflower Brewery Tour

Mayflower Brewery Tour

Mayflower Brewery Tour

Funny how when you’re unemployed you have all this free time, yet no free money. Sitting around the house cleaning and blogging all day was relaxing at first, but I hit a point where I needed to start getting out of the house and finding something to do with my day. It was getting a little too 1950s housewife dedicating my whole day to planning and prepping an elaborate dinner for my dear old boyfriend to eat when he came in the door from work, kicked off his shoes, and sat back in his easy chair in a cloud of vanilla pipe tobacco smoke while I fetched him the paper, “I polished all the furniture today!”, “That’s nice dear.” Okay, so it wasn’t quite like that. But sometimes it felt close.

So, lucky for me, living in Massachusetts puts me in a prime location for doing my favorite free activity- brewery tours! So last week I ended up at Mayflower Brewing, a craft microbrewery in Plymouth, MA. Mayflower brews traditional year-round beers, along with seasonal brews that change with whatever New England has to offer at that time of year- be it Spring Hop, Summer Rye, or a Thanksgiving Ale. I was fortunate enough to be given a tour by Sarah Richardson, who also started the Girls Pint Night Out on Cape Cod, which we will be making a post about soon.

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49. Mayflower Brewing Company IPA

Mayflower Brewing Company IPA

I’ve been getting all ultra-local lately, what with having 18 chickens laying the eggs I eat and hitting up the farmers market. Actually maybe “local” is interchangeable with “frugal” here, because since quitting my job I’ve definitely been changing up how I do things. So this weekend I decided to keep my beers local, and I was given a mixed six-pack of Mayflower beer, a relatively new microbrewery in Plymouth who opened up in 2007, and decided to give their IPA a try. The Mayflower Brewing Company IPA (7% alc/vol) was also a good choice because “Chronicle” was doing a special on Plymouth…yeah I love that show.

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